Oil To Gas Conversion

Oil is an effective heating system. It is, however, a lot less effective than natural gas. Natural gas is a more effective, efficient and readily available fuel source. Indeed, natural gas is considered the cleanest burning fossil fuel at the point of combustion. What does this mean for those who make the conversion from oil to natural gas?

Why convert from oil to gas heat?

Natural gas is an efficient, safe, and reliable fuel source. Its efficiency translates into cost savings due to the lower fuel prices. Converting to gas can lead to tangible cost savings. Heating your home with natural gas costs less than heating with oil. Converting to natural gas also reduces boiler maintenance and operating costs.

With oil prices continuing to rise, there has never been a better time for an oil to gas conversion. Converting to natural gas is also good for the environment. Homeowners who make the switch see substantial improvements in their homes’ greenhouse gas output. Typical these homes witness a 40% drop in CO2 emissions and 99.9% less sulfur dioxide.

Converting to natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality in your community. Converting from oil to gas heat has never been easier. We have streamlined our process and established a department dedicated to oil-to-gas conversion projects, creating a one-stop resource for customers If you’re using oil heating and you’re interested in an oil to gas conversion give John a call at: 203.338.0371