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Preventive Maintenance

OSA Heating and Cooling HVAC Maintenance Program

It is very important to carry out regular preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems. Avoiding regular maintenance results in much bigger and costlier problems down the road culminating in the need for full replacements of your system.

Looking to lower your utility bills?

The most effective way to decrease monthly electrical bills while increasing energy efficiency is through regular preventative maintenance. Make preventative HVAC Maintenance a part of your annual home care plan in order to (1) avoid bigger more costly issues such as full replacement and (2) sustain system efficiency which ensures your level of comfort. Our maintenance agreement includes maintaining equipment, making repairs and recommending upgrades. We provide a planned HVAC Maintenance program on the following equipment:

Why is a residential preventative maintenance program necessary?

The largest investment that a person is likely to make in their lifetime is the purchase of their home. In that home, the heating system plays a large role in the house’s value.

While regular maintenance prevents small problems developing into larger problems, it is also important to ensure optimal performance of your heating and cooling systems. To reduce the cost of tune ups on your home comfort systems OSA Heating & Cooling offers annual comfort agreements.

Regular maintenance will:

•Prolong equipment lifetime

•Reduce utility bills

•Reduce repairs

•Provide a more comfortable indoor environment

•Protect your investment

Why a commercial preventative maintenance program is essential for businesses

Property managers and building owners alike should focus their attention to preventative maintenance to prolong the life of their current heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. Instead of waiting for a “break down” maintenance call to occur, building owners and property managers could be proactive with preventative maintenance.

Without a preventative maintenance program, it can cost significantly more over time to only spend money when a system breaks down. When a system breaks down and is then repaired it drastically reduces the systems lifespan by more than half of its useful life. Being proactive with preventative maintenance will save both building owners and property managers in the long term.

A commercial maintenance program will:

•Prevent unnecessary repairs

•Help avoid breakdowns and costly replacements

•Prevent breakdowns during business hours

EquipmentFirst UnitEach Additional Unit
A/C System$210$170
Ductless A/S System$150$120
*Roof Top Units (2-10 ton)$390$315
*Hydro Systems$260$210
*Heat Pump$320$255
Gas Water Heater$190$155
Gas Furnace$175$140
Gas Boiler$175$140
Oil Water Heater$190$155
Oil Furnace$225$200
Oil Boiler$320$255
April Air Humidifier$180$144
Steam Air Humidifier$235$189
NCB Boiler$275$221
Electric Hot Water Heater$82$52
Ductless (Clean Air Filter)$150$120
Tankless Water Heater$120$96
Additional PricingPrice
Evaporator Coil Cleaning$155.00
Blower Assembly Cleaning$155.00
Condenser Coil Cleaning$175.00
Freon - R22$90.00/lb
Freon - 410A$30.00/lb
Air Bear Filter$60.00 ea
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